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Custom Built Gearboxes

Kumera Gearbox

Kumera gearboxes

Kumera Gearbox

Customized and Tailor-Made Industrial Gearboxes and Drives

Kumera is a world-wide industrial gearbox?manufacturer of innovative gearboxes and related services, being able to satisfy power transmission needs in selected industries. In addition to our wide standard product range, we can offer customized and tailor-made industrial gearboxes and drives.

Already for decades, one of our major strengths has been the ability to customize an existing standard product into a new design to meet customer’s particular specifications.

When requirements exceed the customized product, our engineering team will develop together in close co-operation with the customer an optimized tailor-made product to a specific application. Our experienced and qualified engineers will secure that the product will fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding applications. Experience gathered from numerous deliveries to the process industry helps us to assure the high availability and trouble-free operation of gearboxes from standard to tailor-made.


  • High efficiency – minimizing power loss and saving energy
  • Modular structure – enables adding additional equipment and a variety of mounting arrangements
  • 20 gearbox sizes and a wide range of ratios – guarantees optimal gearbox size
  • Flexible product structure - easy to customize for the customer needs
  • Gearbox configuration at power-plaza.com – serves engineers worldwide and allows downloading 3D-models, dimensional drawings and technical specifications 24/7

Gearbox assembly

Gearbox assembly

Customized and tailor-made gearboxes and drives are a perfect choice for all your power transmission needs.

Kumera Corporation, Kumerankatu 2 FI-11100 Riihim?ki, Finland Tel. +358 20 7554 200[email protected] Legal Notice / Privacy / Code of Conduct
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